What A Board Game and Good Conversation Made Me Realize

Go directly to jail.
Do not pass GO.
Do not collect $200.

Who remembers getting that card in Monopoly and seething for a good maybe ten minutes at being in jail? Trying to throw a double? Or attempting to just start moving your piece again with the hopes that the other players forgot you had been incarcerated? Those were the good old days for sure…

Childhood innocence was beautiful. I remember playing at school, hiding from teachers and freaking out at being hugged. I think maybe I was held too much as a baby and so being touched growing up was just unwanted. It has mellowed out somewhat now, but still it is generally unwanted yes.

I remember falling a lot. It was as if my feet were foreign to my body and tripped me up for sport; I sucked on sports days. I stuck to books then and Reading/Spelling competitions till I most often mouthed off to teachers and got kicked out. It wasn’t that I was rude honestly, it was more that I refused to allow myself to live up to pre-constructed images of my self worth and abilities. By teacher’s standards though, I was the definition of difficult.

I had a monopoly of unwanted attention all throughout my life. Firstly, because of my arm. Secondly, people assumed readily that I would be unintelligent and when they realized different that was another reason to hound me. Thirdly, I’ve heard I have a good voice, so when I speak ears perk up (I don’t know how true this one is).

I think the reason I liked Monopoly so much was because no matter how many times you drew a bad card, paid a fine or went to jail there was always an opportunity to get out of it, buy more property, build hotels and own those train stations for a quick escape (lol).

I was told that in every crisis there is an opportunity (late night conversations with persons of purpose) and when I thought about it, the truth was evident. There is always the probability for difference and if we don’t leap for, look out for or acknowledge it, we may well miss the good things in life.

Eighteen down, thirty-four to go…

Photo Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/494199759084860047/

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