I’m Behind On Essays…

I need to read more. I need to read more material that will not only be a comic relief, but material that will culture me maybe? I don’t know. As a student of Literature, I can expressly say I do not read enough. I do not follow the news. I’ve read only a few of the classics. I’ve probably only read one good contemporary and even though I love poetry gone to bed I don’t explore it enough.

According http://www.powells.com/portals/0/images/25-books-to-read-before-you-die.pdf these are the 25 books I need to read before I die and I know that is a lot dramatic and of course the list is not comprehensive, but I shall try and see where this list takes me.

I’m behind on essays maybe because I don’t really think I have anything personal to share anymore, but that could also be me chickening out. We shall see.

Nineteen down, thirty-three to go…



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