My Financial Status and You?

I’ve had two poems published this year. One in Whirlwind Magazine and the other by 12 Point Collective. People’s first concern when they hear this is always so when are you going to start getting paid? Here’s the thing, while poetry has always been an integral part of me, up until recently I didn’t view it as a performance outlet for me. I started performing on a whim really and it didn’t explode, more like trickle dangerously slow like Chinese water torture (which I know nothing about — lol).

Secondly, to be honest I just want to share, and really I’m too lazy to be dictated by time and preference and deadlines and specific content. Most times I’ll start a project and it’ll get cast aside because the inspiration is gone. I’m not saying I couldn’t do it. I can be professional and follow constraints. I’m saying that at this stage in my life I don’t want to do that in all aspects of my life. I already have to be as such for my day job, so if I choose not to in my writing that should be fine.

I don’t mind not being well known. Not having a million followers ain’t so bad either, because people can be a lot, and living up to such expectations of success can be threateningly unhealthy for the creative mind; or at least I assume so.

Here’s how I’ve resolved answering people who question my financial dealings….

Person: So do you get paid?

Me: I doubt the devil takes cash.

Twenty down, thirty-two to go…

The work of the devil.
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4 thoughts on “My Financial Status and You?

    1. Lol. Ikr! The raised brows and made up faces I get are hilarious. Nothing beats those wanting to preach to me and pray for me when they can’t even mind their own business. Lol.

      Thanks and Cheers!

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      1. Nothing! And I think that is why some people go so hard, meddling in other’s business; they can’t get themselves together and, on top of that, you’re seemingly unbothered by it all. Good for you 😉

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