Call Us Crazy

Relationships are fragile things, whether they are romantic or platonic. They ought to be treated with some sort of care, respect and mutuality. Just as how plants need water and sunlight and how humans need water, food, touch and whatever else floats your boat; relationships need time and effort.

It takes two to tango and the cliché isn’t wrong. One person can’t hold two people together and as much as people desperately try to hold onto failed and failing relationships eventually the weight of it will either make you let go or kill you.

Try to fix things of course, but know when to throw back a shot and leave the bar when your drink is no longer being served. I’m a realist at best, not overly optimistic or defiantly pessimistic, so it’s not hard to want to see the line of reason in any situation. Identifying reason doesn’t always mean it will be accepted, for often times people don’t want to be out of their bubble. I get their reasoning too, because if I had a space all for my lonesome where things were all shiny and transparent and awesome then of course I wouldn’t want to leave.

I tend not to have the longest relationships with people. I hear I’m standoffish and snobbish (shrugs). I don’t accept or deny that I am, but what amazes me always is that people know this from day one when they get to know me and then months or years later they use it as an excuse to say ixnay on the whatever we had going. It’s funny really and amuses me even to this day, because they get upset and I get blah, because you knew this was who I was so shrugs.

Let’s bring it full circle… relationships no matter the type are hard to maintain especially in a world that is so fast-paced and disconnected.

I could also be in the wrong, but if you don’t talk to me, how the hell am I to make things right? Till then let’s just call us both crazy, because I’ve asked enough times if you are okay, and you’ve refused to respond truthfully as your actions show, so yeah crazy it is.

Twenty-one down, thirty-one to go…

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