I’d Be A Terrible Hitchhiker

The cursor taunts me more times than I can say. It blinks annoyingly on my screen as a reminder that I’ve yet to write anything or I’ve yet to complete what I started and it honestly pisses me off. I think I might be just slightly crazy for getting upset with Microsoft Word…lol.

So this is my honest talk.

I read my horoscope regularly regardless of failing to believe it and I think the odd fascination I have with the stars is because I think somewhere up there is my actual home. I don’t fit in enough with the status quo and I think that’s why Kendrick Lamar appeals to the baser side of me that really doesn’t understand his lyrics and wants to shut them off while I still listen intently and maybe ask Eve how the apple tasted while waiting for a spider to speak to me because Johnny don’t wanna go to school no more. It’s crazy really what the mind can think up and conjure into reality and how our tastes can clash or gel perfectly.

I listen more poetry than I read. Button Poetry is honestly my favorite thing in the world. It both inspires me and just relaxes me into a state of complete readiness which is ironic, but true nonetheless. I said I was going to read more and I started but I think I bit off a little bit more than I can chew right now. I started reading The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and seriously the genius who came up with the storyline, Douglas Adams, has my mind all sorts of wired and messy and confused that I have to purposefully put the book down in order to remember that I’m not really on an intergalactic hitchhike through outer space with only a towel necessary. DON’T PANIC! I think I might be doing just that.

I think I may be the only Jamaican who absolutely adores Hamilton. As such I find that I can’t quote random songs in everyday conversations because people then look at me confused and that look just makes the conversation lame. I’ve also never found a Linkin Park song I’ve disliked.

I’m five foot eleven. I’m a congenital amputee. I have a big voice but not loud enough of a mouth. I’m more reserved than is necessary. I love the rain only if I’m home. I really want to explore photography and voice talent but internal fears hold me hostage. I think I could be a good influence on someone someday.

… but honestly I’d be a terrible hitchhiker, lol.

Twenty-three down, twenty-nine to go…



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