Airlines, Rivers, Greek or Math: A Name

I attended high school from 2004 – 2009, yes I know that probably makes me out to be really young, but let’s not delve into the whole age is a number thing.

I met my best friend to date when I was in the 9th grade. For the first two years of high school I was in the same class then when I hit the 9th grade, they ‘streamed’ us based on grades and performance and so on and as such I switched classes. This was also the year that we started doing Food and Nutrition in school and as such we had to partner up with someone for the actual practical cooking classes. This exercise found me without a partner and turns out I just had to work with the only other person available.

Initially, we were skittish of each other being that we were originally from different classes and I was (still am) a reclusive personality type; thus started the cooking. My friend was good at it though, same with the Clothing and Textiles and Music classes, me not so much.

The year ended and the new one began to see us picking subjects at the beginning of 10th grade, I remember what probably reminded us that we could actually be friends was the fact that we both wanted to do classes the other was in but they were filled. I had signed up for all the science subjects and on the first day I decided I was too lazy to actually care about formulas, equations and labs. So instead of Biology I did Human and Social Biology (yes we had to do at least one science), instead of Physics, I took History, but when going to switch Chemistry to Information Technology turns out the class was full. We ended up switching with each other and the rest they say is history.

Anyway, I’m not one for fluffiness or the sappiness of reminiscences, so skip a couple of years and here we are in 2017 almost 11 years later, and I can still say this pocket rocket is still my best damn friend in the world.

I remember there was a time we didn’t talk for a while for I had just started university and she was teaching kids and we were busy, but it didn’t cut the bond or dampen the friendship. There was never a situation where we really disagreed or didn’t support each other in whatever endeavors we could, except when it comes to hanging out and there are too many people and I refuse to attend. That may seem childish to some of you, but too many (really it could only be one,) strange people scare the shit out of me. Any form of excess socialization does in fact — blah, whatever.

Anyway, the purpose of this essay was in response to a prompt on how I met my best friend. What amazes me too is that maybe there can only be so many people and no more who accept you, don’t try to change you, actually communicate well and are not selfish in their actions for befriending you.

My best friend and I don’t hang out as much as we should, for we are in different parts of the island, but we talk as much as possible. We motivate the shit out of each other and eventually we do what we have to regardless of how we argue about the world and I laugh her for being short, though maybe I am just a damn giant. Lol. Apart from my family, this is the only other person that I have actively known for this long, ergo I’m positive I could probably plan an awesome bachelorette party in the future. Lol.

P.S. Don’t make me plan a bachelorette party!

Thirty down, twenty-two to go..

Essay 30


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