There is a message in SKIN

Black is beautiful,
from your hair to your derriere,
from your nose to your toes;
you make all the colors POP!

Wash your face or you’ll get acne,
don’t pick the acne or you’ll get scars.

Your skin is beautiful,
like walnut wood,
and soil,
and Western Kong flowers,
and old metal,
and dark maple syrup in brown jars.

Wear a hat or else your skin will get darker,
and always, always moisturize.

I need to moisturize,
it’s very important.

Your face is beautiful,
I know you don’t see it right now,
but you will one day.

Soliloquy by Suzanne a.k.a “Crazy Eyes” in Orange is the New Black season 5 episode 10

Thirty-one down, twenty-one to go..



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