Melodies Make For Good Soulmates

There’s this boy. He knows himself and if he reads this he will understand that I am here and I need new music to listen to. Not what you were expecting right? Lol. I figured.

It went something like this. I was about a two inches taller. And I was staring, because that’s what I do. I was most likely a sarcastic shit because that’s my middle name; and then he probably spoke to me first because my voice is only for poetry, not for hitting on guys with sexy eyes.

I remember stealing away to the back of classes, whispering and laughter and being re-schooled on Lil Wayne and being introduced to a weird ass music group called N-Dubz and I immediately fell in love. I want to believe I only fell for the music, but it was hard when eyes that seemed to flow into my soul, while waiting for a response on the new songs I was given, stared intently back at me.

It became our thing. Whenever anyone of us heard a song we liked we would share it with the other and most, if not all the times, it would resonate with both of us or it would be that we had heard it already.

I think if soulmates exist they are plenty and varied, for this bloke is definitely my musical guru of a soulmate. Some of my favorite songs have been recommended by him, some of my favorite genres are because I’ve learned to keep an open mind and I mean “Music is the greatest communication in the world. Even if people don’t understand the language that you’re singing in, they still know good music when they hear it” — Lou Rawls.

Music is medicine, respite and love.

Thirty-five down, seventeen to go…
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