Be Loud & Irrational

“Correlation doesn’t mean causation” and I don’t think the persons I work with know this. My lunch hours are the worst times of the day. If you think students are loud, I can assure you that teachers are worse. Everyone talks all at once, over each other, at each other and about each other. Today it was death equals ghosts and hauntings, if a bird flies into the staffroom and then people die it was the bird’s fault and my favorite, me wearing a polo shirt to work means the children won’t learn.

I know everyone has their own beliefs about situations, but how does believing in coincidence and superstition help in guiding the youth towards logic and critical thinking. I know we are teaching values and morals which often stem from personal beliefs, but there should be a difference between utter rubbish said vociferously and valid actions which speak louder than words.

I think people forget that without a cause to live and die for, you can still live. Segregation and judgment may come naturally, and habits like these are the hardest to break, but what’s the point of surviving if you will only be a shell of expectations and failings? They say empty barrels make the most noise and no correlation doesn’t lend itself to causation, but if grown ass folk can come to conclusions based on just breathing, what do they expect of the youth?

Thirty-eight down, fourteen to go…

Essay 38
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