Is That A GOOD Reason?

Reasons are BULLSHIT! Don’t let society make you hide YOU from yourself #IamGRAVITY #MOTIVATED … More Is That A GOOD Reason?



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The night has passed, Its the dawn of a new day. The possibilities are endless, to  start anew, to create. To make memories to last a lifetime. Why not take hold of that brush. Paint? the canvas just how you want it to be. Go ahead, stroke,? stroke,?? stroke again…….again..


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Are you talented? Curious? Brave? Outgoing? Reserved? Are you creative? Emotional? A writer? Reader? Do you love to express yourself? Do you sing? Dance? Play an instrument? Do you draw? Paint? Sketch? Are you a poet? A dub artist? Are you a designer? Do you have a brain? Are you…

No Time…

My gosh! So much to do, so little time. I.e. No time! Here in class, kinda bored, very tired and sick x_x The summer’s almost over though. Sigh. In my complaints however, there are glistens of light – I have a support system I’m proud of: I bet they don’t even know they affect me … More No Time…