Soooooooooooo, It’s begun, and I will try my endeavor best to write one poem a day till this month ends. Let’s get it started and lit.

Happy National Poetry Writing Month 2016!

Photo Credit: http://www.napowrimo.net

Poems –

Day 1: “Writ(H)er” 
Day 2: “Openings”
Day 3: “Nature”
Day 4: “Kinda New”
Day 5: “Google Play”
Day 6: “Weather Man”
Day 7: “For Those Who Came Before”
Day 8: “Frozen”
Day 9: “Intimacy”
Day 10: “Addicted”
Days 11-15: “Because I can”
Day 16: “Depression”
Day 17: “Garbage Collector”
Day 18: “Make Up”
Day 19: “My Dream”
Day 20: “Too Deep”
Day 21: “Conquer the World”
Day 22: “Hands to Myself”
Day 23: “West Indian Allure”
Day 24: “Save Me”
Day 25: Fairytales
Day 26: Jamaican Bun
Day 27: Pillow Talk
Day 28: Safe Haven
Day 29: Body Cavities
Day 30: